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What is PLR Content?

What is PLR Content?
What is PLR Content?

What is PLR Content?

If you’ve never come across the word PLR before, you may be thinking, “What is PLR content?” “Don’t be scared. There are marketers, business owners and mentors who do not really understand what it is and how this works. So let’s get into the foundations of PLR content and how to customize a PLR content as per your business needs.

PLR stands for private label rights it’s a type of license that gives you the right to edit and resell a done for you product as your own why is it important to customize PLR content one of the most important steps to being successful using PLR is to customize it and make it stand out from all the other copies out there not just that but Google doesn’t like duplicate content and if you publish PLR articles exactly as they are you’re likely to get penalized then this could affect your rankings and potentially prevent you from monetizing your site with ads.

Customize a PLR Content

One of the simplest and most successful ways to start making money online is to sell PLR content. However, to state that there is no such thing as an absolutely ‘perfect’ business model. The greatest drawback here is that there will be a lot of competition going up against you. Not only are you will be competing in the same niche as other sellers, but you’re also be competing with other sellers who have the very same product as you do!

If someone buys your product and then discovers that they have already seen the same product for a cheaper price on a different website, this can cause issues. Similarly, just to make the product look like something you can sell, you will want to do a little tweaking work. You have to rebrand and your name to be put on it so that your audience knows that it’s your product.

This is important because it means that not only your product make you money, but it will also help you build brand loyalty for those returning customers who believe in you. How can you distinct yourself and make sure your PLR content doesn’t feel or look like you are selling the same thing, that others are promoting online?

So you’ve purchased a new PLR content and you’re ready to make full use of your new content but you’re not sure where to start in this video you’ll learn some tips and tricks to help you customize and rebrand your PLR content to make it 100% unique.


These 5 tips to make this process as quick and easy as possible.


  • Improve the title

For an example, a PLR article titled how to clear your mind with meditation could be improved and changed to five simple hacks to clear your mind with meditation and reduce stress as you can see the second title is a lot more eye-catching and targeted.


  • Cut it and rearrange it

You could easily combine two articles together or chop a larger one into several smaller articles pieces or why not add some of your own content at the beginning or at the end of a PLR article.


  • Add your own examples and experiences

Edit PLR to be more appropriate for your audience you can add examples you have experienced that refer to problems and issues related to your audience.


  • Add call to action

A call to action is a section of a website or PLR content where you encourage your audience customers to complete a specific action this could range from purchasing a product to joining your email list tools such as thrive leads in sumo are great for creating a call to actions on your website and building your email list at the same time.


  • Convert your PLR in two different formats

In most cases PLR is typically sold as text but who says it has to stay that way remember PLR gives you the rights to edit the product and distribute as you wish so why not make an audio or video course from a special report and deliver on a platform like teachable like this there are plenty of ways to sells PLR contents online.


Where to find FREE PLR content?

Where to find PLR content for FREE, meet IDPLR it’s a website that gives you access to Free PLR products, well if you upgrade you can get access to over 12,500+ products which you can resell them and keep a 100% of the profit so you can give them away but the products that they have on this website which are ebooks, videos, software, graphic packs, templates, audio packs and articles. This is an excellent website where they have over 76,000 members, and it’s been around for a long time, and the great part is you can register for free you get access to 200 products and then you can upgrade to the gold for access to all their products so the free membership like I said just you have limited access.

They have 3 different choices as far as the gold membership you can just do it for 3 months for $39 you can do it for a year $69 and then the best thing is lifetime $79 so it’s very inexpensive you should look at you know if you paid $20.00 an article and you have access to over 12,000 articles and many other things which are been around for a long time. The great part is it’s updated almost daily so there’s always new content coming out that you can choose from the high list of PLR products.

If you don’t have a lot of experience in internet marketing you can use this it’s kind of a platform to get started so if you buy a single ebook you’ll have to pay anywhere from $27 to $97 but here you can get them for free and then again you can resell them for any amount you wish, the great part is IDPLR’s product library is updated almost daily so there’s always new content coming out that you can choose to promote.

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