Accounts Receivable Financing, Tax Write Off And What Does It Cost?

factoring, accounts receivables, funding, working capital, government, contracts, taxes, financing. Banks won’t lend money to a business seeking to acquire larger contracts because its not viewed as an asset. So if you are a small start up company, funding for expansion may be hard to obtain. Accounts Receivable Financing could be the key to funding … Read more

Accounting Methods – Cash and Accrual.

When starting a business, you have to determine the method you are going to use for accounting and paying taxes. The two choices are the cash method and the accrual method. Cash Method If you are looking for simplicity, the cash method is probably your best accounting choice. Generally, income and deductions can be claimed … Read more

Banks vs. Owner Finance, Credit and Insurance

It can often be difficult to obtain a loan from banks, which is why owner financing is becoming very popular among home and real estate buyers.   Among the many perks of owner financing, the seller often accepts a low down payment whereas banks often charge 20% or more. In addition, many owner financed properties … Read more